Fighting Temptation
Broken Halo MC, Book 1

When Damien Carter received the news three years ago that his seventeen-year-old sister was missing while he was on an overseas deployment, his world forever changed. A year later, he created Broken Halo MC to serve two purposes – to give other ex-military members the stability and brotherhood they craved and struggled to find outside of military service and to find his missing sister.


After two years of searching for leads, Sniper (aka Damien) believed his sister had become a victim of a sex trafficking operation. In the search to find his sister, Sniper and his other MC brothers made it their mission to rescue as many girls as they could along the way. To do this, they stopped at nothing even if it meant breaking the law.


During one of their rescue operations, the Broken Halo MC intercepted the transport of twelve young girls in route to Canada to be forced into a dark work of sex and abuse. Life as Sniper knew it would never be the same again, because the moment his team opened the doors to the back of that tractor trailer, one sweet as hell, little blonde knocked him on his ass.


Henley Baker grew up in a loving home with her mother. Her father died when she was just an infant in military training mission gone wrong. With her mother’s diagnosis of brain cancer two years ago, life forever changed for Haley. Six months prior to her high school graduation, Haley’s mother was checked into hospice care after an operation for tumor removal did not go as planned.


Her life changes two days after her high school graduation. She thought she had everything planned out. What she never planned for was being abducted. After being beaten and verbally assaulted for days, her will to survive was fading fast when she was rescued by a group of unlikely heroes.


After moving into the Broken Halo MC Clubhouse for her safety, Henley found herself surrounded by a world and lifestyle that she knew nothing about. When the pieces were put together and it was realized that Henley held knowledge of a corrupt group within the social services system, she was forced to remain under the protection of the MC in Cedar Fort, MT.


With the two living in close quarters, the temptation proved hard to fight, but at what expense?

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